Signs of illness for your bird

Signs of illness for your bird

Signs of Serious Illness

  • Sleeping all the time 
  •  Fluffed, squinty-eyed, huddled birds 
  •  Seeds and other food items in droppings  
  •  Increases or decreases in the number of droppings pro- duced daily
  •  Blood in the dropping  
  •  Feces or urates pasted to or around the vent 
  •   Yellow-colored urine and urates s  


  •    Loss of powder down 
  •    Tail bobbing, squeaky- or stuffy-sounding breathing, open-mouth breathing or labored breathing 
  •    Marked weight loss
  •    Egg bound but unable to pass the egg 
  •    Discharge from the eyes, nose or mouth; crusted shut eyes, red eyes or swollen eyelids  
  •    Vomiting 
  •    Any bird that seems disoriented, acts drunk, can’t climb around in the cage or huddles on the floor 

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