How to Travel with a Cat

How to Travel with a Cat

   While planning for holidays, the owner should plan for the cat as well. They should do some homework in advance i.e. find a safe place; maybe at home, neighbor or friends or an alternative to all these i.e. boarding kennels. The animal should be kept in boarding cattery since kittenhood so that it will adjust itself to new environment otherwise it may react to restriction of cattery/ kennels and may go on hunger strike or may traumatize itself. So, it is safe to keep them in kennels off and on. The cattery should be investigated and booked in advance. 

   A sensible pet owner will visit such catteries in advance and will look for cleanliness, space, warmth and regular air passage. Before boarding they should check vaccination, general health status to make sure that animal is not suffering from mange or ringworm. The cat should be taken for boarding in the morning so that it settles before night. The owner should leave the blanket and other belongings to keep it comfortable and safe.

   All details regarding diet or drugs to which cat is allergic should be described or given in writing to the staff. The owner should give these details like name, home address, contact numbers, e-mails, and other responsible person’s number or holiday address should also be given in case of emergency. So it is advisable and safe to leave them in boarding kennels than leaving them in the house all alone. 


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