Exercise and play to keep your cat active

Exercise and play to keep your cat active

   Your cat rouses from a long nap, yawns, and stands on all fours with her feet apart. She exhales while arching her back. Holding this pose for a few timeless seconds, she then inhales as she slowly curves into a concave position. She raises her head and looks up in a luxuriously slow, flowing movement.

  If you swear your balletic cat just performed a perfectly lovely yoga posture, you’re right. Human yoga postures, called asanas, have been drawn from natural sources for thousands of years. It has been said there are millions of creatures—and as many yoga postures. “The Cat” asana your cat performs strengthens the back and pelvic area, promotes spinal flexibility, and energizes the feline body. It’s no wonder that humans adapted this beautiful stretch from cats. 


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