Caring for your Poodle

Caring for your Poodle


   What to feed your dog is a hotly contested subject, and there are many strong opinions out there. For those who are interested, two popular websites devoted to the study of dog food ingredients are dog food analysis and the dog food project. The former reviews brands of kibble, while the latter is devoted more to a study of the individual ingredients found in your dog’s food. There is also a thriving movement of individuals who feed their dogs only raw foods. 

   Fortunately, the breeder will most likely include a sample of what the puppy has been eating at the kennel (you should request this if she does not), and the easiest solution is simply to continue feeding him this food throughout the first year of his life. Dogs do not need much variety in their diet; all kibble is required by the FDA to meet a dog’s complete nutritional needs. To a great extent, what we choose to feed our dog is more of a reflection on our sensibility than the dog’s needs. 

  That said, poodles are notoriously picky and sensitive eaters. Moreover, standard poodles are subject to bloat, a potentially fatal condition that occurs in many deep-chested breeds. I eventually found that the best food for my dog was a grain-free kibble with some cooked chicken mixed in for a taste. This food is less bulky and easier for my dog to digest. I feed him three times a day to ensure that he is never eating too much at one sitting, a good precaution against bloat. 

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